Hello there!
i have been knocking about here for a couple of years and i always find these project logs such a constant source of inspiration as far as modelling and painting and converting goes, so i was hoping to give something back with my latest army, im working on the second company of the Iron Lords Space Marine Chapter, and whereas normally in the past i work from 'stock' armies due to the wealth of inspiring background, ( i have completed Salamanders, Blood Angels, Raven Guard, Ultramarines and Iron Hands to name but a few)

i decided to work on something with a spark on inspiration but little in the way of reference material to see what i could do.

The Iron Lords Colour scheme has always interested me, with their different coloured "Trouser" sections of armour, i thought there was something highly individual about them, as well as their helmet stripe company markings, which hark back to rogue trader days.

Here is everything i have painted so far, 2250 points all in.

As i painted the first combat squad of marines i started to think of what their background might be like, and by the sound of things, these guys and the Death Spectres seem to be the Desperadoes of the imperium, out on the fringe of the galaxy holding back bizarre and unknown threats that most of the imperium will never even hear about, the little snippet of information provided in the Codex has these guys down as exterminating an entire race 'the Barghesi' so that hive fleet kraken cant harvest their genetic material. which is badass on two levels,
One. a thousand guys wiped out an entire alien race.
Two. its one big 'screw you' to the Tyranids.

This is my Company Captain, who i have dutifully named Syrax.
whenever i make armies i like to inject as much character as possible into my HQ's so that they really stand out, i converted him from One of the Masters of the Chapter, adding the Maximus head from the black Templars sprue and the Storm shield from another Master of the Chapter, with a small amount of green stuffing to make the wrist and the shield meet up.
I figure he would have been a member of the chapter for many years working his way up through the ranks and becoming Company Champion at one point and then taking over from his mentor, i can imagine him staring down a carnifex or dreadnought no problem.

This is the first Tactical squad i completed, i decided to base the army around two squads of ten tactical marines and then i wanted to include as wide a variety of other units to keep my painting schedule interesting!

This is squad Gorak, both my tactical sergeants are armed with power weapons and plasma pistols a combo i first saw used in a friends ultramarines army, underused i started to appreciate the extra punching power of the bonus plasma shot at close range. also i was dying to utilize the Mark 2 Veteran Models and this allowed me to do so!

This is squad Xasthur, who have a slightly more interesting weapons loadout with a plasma gun and multi melta, i usually combat squad these guys, sitting the multi melta and four bolter boys in some cover as far forward as i can to threaten vehicles with the melta range and then i use the plasma pistol/plasma gun as an anti marine guerilla squad, and it has worked quite well so far!

In my 1750 list which i play with most often i have a lascannon razorback to accompany each of my tactical squads, i love these tanks, an almost garunteed lascannon shot a turn and considering how safe transports are nowadays they can be vital cover for my boys! you might notice the zealot crewman poking out the top waving a chainsword, i dont normally add exposed crew on space marine tanks, ive normally thought it was too much effort, but i thought it would be worth trying it out, and i think it has been worth the extra time it has taken to paint him up