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Thread: Ardboyz' Semi-final Loot

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    Ardboyz' Semi-final Loot

    I just picked up my prize from winning the Ardboyz' Semi-final Round and have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I picked Skaven, mainly because I've been playing DEs and WoC for the past 8 years and want to try a 'horde' army. Anyway, I got the following 3K points army from GW:

    2 Battalion Boxes
    2 StormVermin Boxes
    2 Nightrunner Regiments
    2 Rat Ogres/Giant Rats boxes
    2 Doomwheels
    4 Warp lightning Cannons/Plagueclaws
    2 Doomwheels
    2 Screaming Bell/Plague Furnaces
    1 HellPit Abomination

    A pretty good haul, over $800 retail. I would have preferred more clanrats and less warmachines, but I really can't complain.

    I'm curious what army other guys picked and what you got!
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