I've gotten the Inq 28 bug and have been converting quite a lot to build up warbands. Originally it was just going to be a Rogue Trader with his away team, but with the potential Inquisitor invitational needing an Inquisitor I started on that as well. This plog will serve as a record of building and painting the warbands as well as character stuff.

The crew so far for the Rogue Trader.

The Rogue Trader, Rogen Frey, is the least advanced as I wanted an idea of what the rest of the crew would have before settling on him. My plan for his sword is for it to have a shock generator, to give it some power without going the power weapon route, particularly as I think he'd be much more minded to go with a better pistol of some description rather than a fancy sword.

You also have the pilot/Thief - a man who really doesn't want to be there, but who has skills that Frey feels will be of use planetside. This guy started as a normal guardsman, but I found that as I started adding bits his role switched. He's clearly not heavily armed and I see him trying to avoid doing anything heroic during a game. His plan is to get to where he has to and do the job and then run like crazy.