I've been seriously considering collecting an army of Dark Elves to go along with my bretonnian and skaven, so I've started putting together a list that is fluffy, fun to play, and has the proper feel of dark elves. I'd be collecting these over time as well, and I am trying to focus on the plastic range of models versus the metal models (i.e. staying away from BG and Exec).

I tried to explain what I thought each unit would be good for, so you could approximately see my plan. Any advice/comments/criticism is appreciated.

Anyway, onto the list:
Dreadlord - 285 (Heavy armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Pendant of Khaeleth, Crown of Command, Sword of Might, Dragonhelm, Cold One Mount)
I figured this guy can ride primarily with the CoK and cause havoc, as necessary. He could also break off and hold up a large unit of troops if necessary with stubborn. He's tough to kill, but probably won't kill tons of troops or anything. In general, I see him as a one-man-tarpit type model. I don't really like the sword of might and dragonhelm combo, but i couldnt' find any weapon I liked better for the same points, so that's what I went with. Comments on his layout are welcomed!

Supreme Sorceress - 285 (Level 4, Sacrificial Dagger... death or shadow magic?)
She hangs back with the units of crossbowman, and eats one when necessary. I don't know if another level 1 or 2 mage would be necessary, but I don't really have the points now, so I'd need to rework my list pretty heavily for that.

Death Hag - 225 (Cauldron of Blood, Battle Standard Bearer)
I like the ability of this unit to buff my other units (Corsairs, spearelves, and CoK). I'm not sure it's super fluffy, but I think I could make a conversion that goes along with the eventual theme of the list.

25 Black Arc Corsairs - 300 (Full Command, Sea Serpent Standard)
These guys get frenzy and the extra attacks mean they can just chew through rank and file guys. They are relatively fragile, but the CoB and Mage should help keep them strongish.

25 Dark Elf Warriors - 190 (Full Command, spears & shields)

25 Dark Elf Warriors - 190 (Full Command, spears & shields)
These guys are tarpits/CoB fodder, as necessary. I thought about running my mage here, but i plan on these guys getting stuck in pretty quickly, so I don't think it's the best fit for her.

10 Dark Ef Warriors - 100 (reaver crossbows)

10 Dark Ef Warriors - 100 (reaver crossbows)

10 Dark Ef Warriors - 100 (reaver crossbows)
These guys tend to slide to the back of the army and fire away. I think 30 is sufficient for a decent amount of shots. They should weaken a unit before the infantry cavalry charge in.

5 Cold One Knights - 175 (Full command)
I love the models, so these guys are a must have in the list.

Cold One Chariot - 100

Cold One Chariot - 100
I'm not very sure about the chariots. I think for 200 points I could find something better, but I'm stuggling a bit. Perhaps these could be substituted for shades or bolt throwers, or some dedicated war-machine hunting? But otherwise these would ride together and attack the same unit if possible.

War Hydra-175

War Hydra -175
I'm not 100% sold on two hydras, but the way the points worked out I went with 2. I was thinking of subbing one out for 5 more CoK, and then dropping the CoC for 2 bolt throwers, or some shades/harpies/Dark Riders, but I'm not sure yet.

Comments please?!