I am very nervous about playing Wood Elves, but I just can't shake my love for them. Their fluff is the best of any army, with only Bretonnia as a close second. The Woodies are "good" but can find a reason to fight just about anyone, and above all they just FEEL right...

... Though I'm not sure if that will translate at all to the table top. At any rate, I haven't bought a single model yet, but I was hoping to get a good idea of what I can make work before I spend lots of money. So here goes-

2500 points

Highborn- Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins, Amaranthine Brooch, Scout kindred (goes with the waywatchers)

Spellweaver- level 4 (probably life), Wand of Wycherley Elm, Talisman of Preservation

Noble- BSB, Hail of Doom Arrow, Extra Hand Weapon

20 Glade Guard- Musician, Standard, Banner of Springtide

10 Glade Guard- Musician, Standard

10 Glade Guard- Musician, Standard

14 Dryads- Branch Nymph

6 Treekin- Treekin Elder


2 Great Eagle

9 Waywatchers

The basic thought is the waywatchers deploy in the enemy backfield and cause all sorts of havoc. The eagles shoot over the battlefield to join them in hunting down war machines or tying up enemy archers that could really hurt my glade guard. The forest spirits run interference, intercepting enemy combatants who want to take out the Glade Guard and steal my very few banners. The Spellweaver goes in one of the smaller units of Glade Guard and buffs and regenerates casualties as best she can.

Any thoughts, whether tactical or list oriented? Thanks for any suggestions!