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    1500 points empire


    First list i tried to make for Empire. Can you guys help me abit and tell me if its any good? Im a rather big noob at fantasy im afraid...

    warrior priest with GW, armor of meteoric iron and dawn stone
    lvl 2 battle wizard with ironcurse icon
    20 greatswords with full command
    21 halberdiers with full command
    21 halberdiers with full command
    great cannon
    a detachment of 10 handgunners (or bowmen, not yet decided)

    24.9% in heroes
    33% in core
    40.5% in special

    16 points left to spend.

    the handgunner i will attach to a unit (probably the greatswords or a unit of halberdiers on my flank. the wizard will join a unit of halberdiers and the WP will join the greatswords.

    not yet decided on the school for the wizard, was thinking either lore of light in hopes i get some supportive spells or the lore of beasts to buff up my little halberdiers so they can actually dish out pain like they are real men

    Idea was basicly to sit back with the artillary (duh) and force my opponent to come to me. Handgunners would be set up so they can fire when stuff gets close and can give a charge reaction to help their parent unit when it gets fired at. the blobs of halberdiers will cover the flanks and the greatswords il try to send to the nasties thing on the board

    Does it seem viable?
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