So, I need a little help.. I play against only heavy armored armies.. (lizardmen, dwarves, and woc.. Mostly woc)

When i started collecting back in the day.. I had no idea how to play skaven( plague censer bearers and globadiers were still attachments)

So as that goes I have an army I play.. I'd like to stick to the style somewhat.

Here's the list

1- thanquol and boneripper
1- bsb shroud of dripping death
1- engineer condenser, and doom rocket lvl 2 wizard
1- assassin potion of str. Weeping blade
1- assassin warpstone stars

35 clanrats shield, full command( assassin with potion goes here+ thanquol+ bsb) with warpfire thrower
30 clanrats with spears+ warpfire thrower ( engineer goes here)
25 slaves
10 giant rats w/ packmaster ray dart
8 giant rats w/ packmaster ray dart

6 jezzails
5 gutter runners
5 gutter runners
5globadiers w/ Pwm

2 warplightning cannon