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    -= The Red Host of Nir-Kezhar =-

    Welcome to this little log of my supposedly slow and rarely updated Chaos Dwarf army project. I've long had a soft spot for the 5th edition big hat models, and saluted the Hellcannon crew when they arrived. Now, with Forge World's new releases, the urge to collect Chaos Dwarfs went into action. I'm aiming for a 1000 pts counts-as Dwarfs army at the moment, built by converted Dwarfs (mainly BFSP) and one or two FW war machines. Various side-projects of making Chaos Dwarf miniatures for friends of mine will also be thrown into the log.

    Since I'm struggling with the camera and scanner, it will likely take a while before good pictures present themselves. In the meanwhile, don't expect a high standard. Here we go:

    Chaos Dwarf Woman

    "Daughter, kneel.
    As my mother told me at ripening age,
    so do I now tell you at ripening age.
    Tell you about your plight in life,
    as mother and ever oath-bound wife.

    At Zharr Naggrund the walls climb heights,
    and the Dark Lands crawl beneath our sights.
    Our slaves are legion, our warriors cruel.
    The Gods decree, the Blacksmiths rule.
    Our merchant men trade Hashut's wares,
    at Temple lies His greatest shares.

    Know, Dawi Zharr's our people's name,
    by Hashut's law we play this game.
    We live, we worship, toil and die.
    And never ask, the answer lie.
    Our race's creations reach out wide,
    that Chaos may in glory ride.

    The men enslave and work and fight,
    and build domain of rawest might.
    But power claims expense of blood.
    And always must we breathe in mud.
    The coal that burned must be replaced,
    or else our fate is be displaced.

    All womenfolk take men to lift,
    and bear their seed as Hashut's gift.
    Our people's fate lies in our wombs.
    To give us heirs to seal our tombs.
    Without our effort, be no clan,
    nor will wars see our solid man.

    So grab your husband, is Hashut's will,
    that we may thrive in battle's mill.
    Lash your offspring, whip your slaves.
    Give hardful lives, not softful graves.
    Know the duty, serve Him thus,
    and Zharr Naggrund be ruled by us."

    - What a Chaos Dwarf mother told her daughter

    This model was fun to sculpt. I glued a lot of cut-up plastic sprue into shape, let dry and then sculpted her in one or two small parts at a time. In usual style, a lot of thought went into the modelling. She have a lot of symbols attached to her, but better pictures (or a drawing) are required before we can have a little walk-through on these. Her skirt's pattern is washed out in darkness on the picture, though the suspiciously glossy Matt Varnish may have something to do with that. On her chainmail-clad cuddler, you can spot a round clan marker, which is something I'm adding to all Chaos Dwarfs in the army, preferably behind their necks.

    Chaos Dwarf head sketch

    A quick piece that I drew yesterday, intended for the bearers of a semi-petrified Sorcerer that I'm sculpting for a friend.

    Golden Hat XV entry: Chaos Dwarf Warrior with great weapon

    Thanks to Xander for compiling the entry picture! (No work-in-progress shots are available.) The model's head is a tad small, but otherwise I'm satisfied with it. Here you can see the army colours and general look that are aimed for: Red cloth trims, dark bronze scalemail, bronze masks along with studded leather, arm rings and tattooes. Black base sides and dark gravel studded with some small bushes, filthy water and lava pools. Trophies, pouches, shackles and other paraphernalia will be added to the Chaos Dwarfs' belts.

    I'll probably build one or two naval vessels to accompany the army later on, since great slaving expeditions are just too cool a theme to pass up. That'll require lots of slaves from every place and race in the Warhammer world, which should prove fun.

    EEJR's entry

    Painted by my brother, but modelled by me. Hence it's put here. Its head ended up too small, that's why he received it. He probably won't collect any CD force for a long while, since piles of unpainted Elves of every kind and game system are calling out to their owner.

    This log is run in parallel on CDO. Comments and critiscism are appreciated.

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