Since i've aquired some choas warriors and a sorcerer for use in storm of magic i figued i'd look at what i could do to give myself a small WoC force withought much more investment.

So far this is what i've got...

Sorcerer - lvl 2, Charmed Sheild, Infernal Puppet, 3rd eye of Tz

23 Warriors of Khorn - Halberds, Sheilds, FC, Blasted Banner

12 Warriors of Tzeentch - FC, HW + Sheilds

5 Warhounds - Scaley skin (i had 5 points left over here).

1k on the dot!

Looks ok or anything worth chainging? I've just finished a vampire counts army so lots of marauders to paint is a big no for me - warriors all the way.