Hi guys,

I'm hoping to get a game with the new SoM rules over the next couple of ays, so I thought I'd share my first attempt at a list for comment and see what people make of it.

Arch Lector (AoMI, great weapon)
Wizard Lord - L3 Shadow (Armour of Tarnus, Barded Warhorse, Hammer of Judgement, VHS)

3x Battle Wizard (all L1, Fire, Beasts & Metal, no other equipment)

34 Halbardiers (sgt, std)
10 Crossbows
10 Handgunners
5 Knights (per, std, banner of duty)

27 Greatswords (Ch, Std)


Greater Spawn
5 harpies
Windcatcher Prism
2 spawn (Mark of khorne)

So, not a very fluffy army with all those chaos creatures under the command of an Arch Lector, but the SoM bits are just what I have models for from my Beastmen army.

Here's the theory:
I've gone for a number of L1 wizards who's lores have, in the most part, useful signature spells and fairly easy to cast presence and equilibrium cataclysm spells. The four wizards will take it in turns to cast their spells based on when they have acendancy, and throw in some supporting hexes, augments and fireballs with the spare dice. With the spread of lores I've got a decent chance of getting a helpful ascendancy every turn (I think its only if it comes up Light or Death and I roll a 3 that I'll not be able to shift it onto a Lore I can use.

I'm also figuring that having a bit of redundancy in terms of wizards is quite good too, as I can't see how I can make more than 1 empire wizard any tougher than they would be on top of a fulcrum anyway (see my L3 set up), so having some ready made replacements gives me more chance of keeping hold of my fulcrums and flexibility to occupy any that free up during the game.

The L3 shadow wizard will start 24" from an enemy fulcrum and teleport it towards him. He's then going to charge the wizard on top and use the speculum and hammer of judgement to hopefully do some damage. The knights and the armour are there to give him a bit of extra protection as he crosses the battlefield.

Meanwhile the stank and spawns will be holding units up whilst the halbardiers and greatswords kick in some damage.

The AL and BSB (who will get the prism) will split themselves between the two main infantry units, so they will both have some sort of inherent augment (hatred or whatever the winds provide). If I can manage to keep the AL 12" from one or both fulcrums I can also heal up the wizards if they take damage.

but there it is, C&C...?