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Thread: WIP - Lovecraft:ian Tyranids

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    WIP - Lovecraft:ian Tyranids

    Hi. New to the forum, so I'm not sure how and why people start logs here, but I'll make a try.

    I have been draging an old project behind me a long time. Now I've set up the last of september as a date to push for.

    The idea is, as title says, a Nids army with just Lovecrafts wonderful mythos in it. With the tricky blend of some humour and a bit of the strange. The majority of the army will be plastic GW parts.

    What I'm hoping you guys can do for me is some critique (even though I may not have time to correct accordingly, changes may happen later), ideas, helpful spells, or just plain encourangement.

    As for now I'll keep the painting-level to TT. Hopefully I will get back to upgrading the paintwork and the bases later. I know it's a stupid way to do it...

    Time for pics! (Wich I have to excuse some poor quality on some)

    Tommy-gun wielding cultists - Devilgants.

    Mere cultists - Termagants.

    Ghouls - Hormagaunts.

    Deep ones and Father Dagon - Genestealers with Broodlord.

    Shoggoths - Ripper swarms.
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