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    3k dwarfs

    This list is desighned to be reasonably competative whilst still including some fun stuff which I like.

    Dwarf lord rune of gromril, rune of cleaving, rune of fury, master rune of swiftnes, pistol 250pts
    Rune lord anvil of doom rune of spellbreaking rune of spell eating 390pts

    Thane BSB rune of stone rune of fury rune of cleaving master rune of flight 180pts

    35 hw/s worriors FC 340pts 6/6 bsb in this unit
    39 gw longbeards FC 532pts horde lord in this unit
    2 10 man units of thunderers 280pts

    Cannon rune of reloading rune of burning 105pts
    Cannon rune of reloading 100pts
    Grudge thrower 2 runes of penetraiting, rune of accuracy 155pts
    30 slayers banner musician 3 troll slayers 393pts
    10 miners prospector blasting charges musician 155pts

    Organ gun 120pts

    I know fighty lords are considerd sub optimal, however I really like the idea of having a fighty leader I wouldent feel right just using another thane. I think this list looks really fun and I am looking forward to giving it a go.
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