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Thread: Storm of Magic Questions (Fulcums + others)

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    Storm of Magic Questions (Fulcums + others)


    Had my first SoM game today and a bunch of stuff isn't really clear, or at least not to us.

    Do you get Look Out Sir! Rolls whilst on a Fulcrum? If a unit is within the proper distance?

    If a model is in combat with a wizard on a fulcrum, can he (my model, in combat with the wizard) then be charged by an enemy unit? And how does that work? It seems to be all 1v1 whilst on a fulcum, or something.

    Do dwarves get the Cantrips? We played it as not, becasue they arent wizards, but then, do they also get turned into Frogs on the miscast? (We played this as yes, as they still tried to cast something, and are thus a kind of wizard)

    How do mounts work on Fulcrums? What about a screaming bell/plague furnace?

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