I am in an escalation league and we are currently at 500 points and I am having trouble making a list that has enough staying power.

My main concern is Bret. Knights the guy who is playing them runs 5 with a Hero.

Currently I have:
70 Spear men
30 Archers
(purchased from a friend)
10 Sword masters
5 Ellyrian(sp) Reavers
10 Sea Guard
1 hero
1 Griffon (iob)
and a Prince or hero on horse

Along side of the knights he is running 20 or 30 men at arms and 10 bowmen with the stupid pikes thing.

My other opponents are skaven and dwarfs. The dwarfs are not running anything too bad and the skaven is the iob set, so I am not too worried about that yet (no 4d6 missile of dooom!!!).

I should probbly post this in another thread but what would you do for o&g with the same situation. For them I am thinking Fanitics with a night gobo shaman.