I finally got to play a game of SoM, with a 2k list made at the spot with little preparation (I had looked at different magic items in the bus). It was fun, the spells were powerful and there were lots of them, and the deployment makes games start with a bang which is always fun. After the game, with some time and a bit more experience on the subject, I made the following list I intend to use next time (or maybe I'll change the items for the other archmage, for fairness).

Archmage1: LV4, shadows, folariath's robes, talisman of saphery, staff of solidity=360
Archmage2: LV4, life, vortex shard, MR1 (opal/obsidian amulet)=350

Mage: LV2, fire, wand of jet=170
Mage: Lv2, metal, trickster pendant=165
Mage; Lv2, light, earthing rod, skeinsliver (going first is BIG in SoM)=185

20 archers: FC=245
11 archers: musician=126
40 spearelves: FC, gleaming pendant=390

25 white lions: FC, flaming banner, gem of courage=425
18 swordmasters: banner of sorcery, talisman of loec=360

Chimera: poison attacks, 4+ scaly skin, s4 breath weapon=260
Griffon: ASF, +1 str on charge=185
Fire Dragon (666-variety)=300