With SoM finally bringing back the Fimir (well, one of them but I'm not complaining) I'm eager to add a Balefiend to my fledgling Skaven force.

But I'm primarily a 40K player and it has been years since I last played Warhammer. I think I was fielding my Vampire Counts army under the get you by list in that Ravening Hordes booklet WD gave away free and could also be found at GW shops!

So as you've probably guessed I know very little about the magic spells, and Balefiends get to pick from either the Lore of Fire or the Lore of Shadow. What I want to know is the strengths and weaknesses of both lores, and which would favour a Skaven list more.

I've heard Fire is used for long range blasting and Shadow looks subtle and tricksy. I'd imagine Okkam's Mindrazor on a Rat swarm is devastating!

If it helps I intend to try for a magic level 3 Fimir Balefiend.