Obviously this is designed to be an all comers list that can handle any scenario. The main aim is to use shadow magic's Withering in early stages combined RxB fire to weaken the enemy, before getting stuck in to CC using either Withering or Occams to give which ever unit needs it a boost. the lvl 1 will be flying around generally causing trouble to smaller units with the shots from the lifetaker and fireballs.


Sorceress Lord
Extra lvl, Sacrificial dagger, 5+ Ward Save.
Lore of Shadow


Dark Pegasus, Lifetaker
Lore Of Fire

Death Hag


19 Spearmen
Standard Bearer, Champion

10 Repeater Crossbows
Standard Bearer, Musician

10 Repeater Crossbows

21 Corsairs
Full Command
Sea Serpent Banner

5 Harpies

25 Witch Elves
Full Command
Flame Banner

21 Executioners
Full Command

6 Shades
Extra Hand Weapon

2 Hydras

Points Breakdown:
Lords 315
Hero 405
Core 606
Special 669
Rare 350
Other 55
total 2400

Fortitude 8