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Thread: The High House of Chains - a Druchii plog

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    The High House of Chains - a Druchii plog

    Herein begins the tales of the Shackled, the Druchii of High House Chains.

    See here the Court of this House assembled, from Vaulkhar to Cripple, all chained to their Master in the shadows...

    Hello to all you lovely Warseer people.

    After a year or so of lurking around I've decided to take the plunge and pop on a project log for my Dark Elves. A couple of buddies of mine are running a tourney in Cardiff in November, giving me the boot up the **** needed to finish off my 2400pt list.

    The list itself is heavily themed - I much prefer fluffy list-making to tourney lists - I'll explain more about the theme and background in later posts.

    I'll also dot in random pics of other bits I've been working on - starting with this chap, painted for a local GW competition a few years ago

    Lorenzo Murcatto - The Snake of Tilea

    Enojyed painting this chap immensely - great fun adding the little details like the tattoo on his 'cheek' and the card, as well as his powdered and rouged face.

    I'll sort some pics of the Dark Elves over the next few days, along with various background bits and bobs. Hopefully the new cam will give me some decent pics...

    C&C very welcome - cheers all
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