So tomorrow I have my second SoM and my first game at 2000 points(plus the 25% extra)
Total cost comes to 1999 plus 500 M&M (monsters and magic)

Black Orc Warboss with Shield, Spellthieving Sword, Helm of Discord, Other Trickster's shard 233
This guy job is wizard hunting. With the ability to take away spells, he can greatly reduce the effectiveness of wizards who he doesn't kill outright. Also, he has the possibility of hitting automatically the wizard, with his high strength, due to being a Black Orc, Choppa rule and Armed to da teeth, he is normally wounding on 2s, and then forcing them to re-roll successful ward save. Ha, what are you going to do now without 3+ ward, wizard on fulcrum.
So what I do is stick him in the killyest unit close to a fulcrum, (to help guard him from enemy monsters) and send him forward. Tactics any BlOrc would be proud of.
Orc Great Shaman Earthing Rod 190
This wizard is the one I definately want to get on a fulcrum, and I want him to survive those dreaded miscasts
Night Goblin Shaman#1 Scroll of Shielding 65
Night Goblin Shaman#2 Channelling Staff 65
Night Goblin Shaman#3 50
24 Orc Boyz, 2 Choppas 168
This unit is the one for holding back, behind my own line, just in case anything goes wrong.
24 Orc Boyz, Shields Full C. 203
24 Orc Boyz, 2 Choppas Full C. 203
24 Savage Orc Boyz 2 Choppas Big Stabbas Full C. 271
These three were put in to have tactical options, depedning on what the enemy places down first. Whether I need offensive, defensive, or monster hunters(SOrcs with Big Stabbas for the win.)

3 Spear Chukka 105
Rock Lobba 85
Doom Diver 80
This combined fire should help me to kill any monster that threatens me, or take off that crucial last wound from a wizard on a fulcrum.
Arachnarok 290
Extra 25%
Giant 200
Wyvern, Impaling Horns, Venemous Breath 200
These 3 above should hopefully be enouh to take on any more wizards on fulcrums, and generally scare the living daylights out of any units that dare come near my own.
Wyssan's Weighted Dice carried by Night Goblin Shaman#3 100
The dice are there so that I can change any 3's to 6's, for it never ceases to amaze me just how many times I fail to it by getting a 3 instead of a 4. It also keeps the numbers 1 and2 free should I need them for a leadership test, for when everything goes wrong.
Please, if you see anything wrong, or have advice on changing the list, or how to play it, please comment.
Goodbye as 'uummies say, or put properly,