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    New Ogre Rumours

    Witht he following it is best to give the OK rumours a fresh start:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill-Boe View Post
    I happen to know some snippets of the forthcoming ogre book. I registred for the soul reason of posting what I was told, but take with a pinch of salt:

    Phil Kelly is author.

    Plastic kits:
    Rhinox Riders (on regular Rhinoxen) (box of 3)
    Scraplauncher/Skewer-slinger (Similar to Warp-cannon/plague-claw in design)
    Great Mammox with three ogre crew and plastic tyrant option (Same base as Arachnarock. Imagine a cross between a musk ox and a Mammoth)
    Yhetees (More gorilla-like, and and no more 80's hairstyle manes. Really dynamic for a plastic kit)

    Jahred The Red on Rhinox
    Golgfag Maneater

    Redone Goldtooth, Skrag, maneaters (box of 3, female, ninja and pirate discontinued), Tyrant/bruiser, gorger.


    Bull Charge will work always, even though you're less than 3 ogres and charge less than 6".

    All ogres except butchers gain a basic 6+ save from their gut plates.

    Ogre Clubs negates parry save, and is a general rule for all weapons like Choppas in OnG.

    All army restrictions gone, but gnoblars do not count towards minimum core.

    Gnoblars T2, but Sharp stuff is March and Fire, Range 10".

    Weapon options for units cheaper, and minor point reductions across the board. Bulls will stay same base cost.

    Magic will be standardized. Most spells will stay similar (augments) but with greater range, and can be buffed to affect more units. May also be cast on Yhetees and Gorgers.

    Rhinox Riders are super-hard. They get regular stomp and D3+1 Bull Charge, and also has Devastating Charge. (Special Choice)

    Scraplauncher, same but moves to Rare.

    Rhinox and Mammox are mount options for Tyrant and Hunter.

    Mammox can thunderstomp everything, like the SoM Bonegrinder Giant. Insane stats, but expensive (like 290 points base.). Crew can have leadbelcher swivel guns.

    Hunter greatly improved. Move and fire with harpoon and monster-killing special rules.

    Yhetees as in SoM, but with options for 2HW or GW, and musician now. No standard-bearer.

    Leadbelchers auto-hit, and can fire every turn, but only S4, no AP. Don't come with Light Armour.

    Magic Items:

    Big Names Gone.

    Half of items are Magic Weapons.

    Tenderizer and Siegebreaker will stay.

    Halfling Cookbook grants Loremaster.

    There's a banner granting the same frenzy Minotaurs have.

    Plastics will be out in October. Finecast in November.
    There is also this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Vashta View Post
    A few more rumours from over at the Stronghold:

    Maneaters have massive point drop, and even more crazy weapon options. Can take a Special Character champion (Golgfag).

    New Cauldron-altar rare unit for butchers, no new model.

    Greasus now LD10 and completely rewritten (Stats, rules and items similar to Gorbad Ironclaw).
    Please stay on topic of N&R discussions.
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