My brother and I playtested a mission I'm going to be using for my next tournament and it turned out to be a hoot.

This was my 2500 list:

Lvl 4 great orc shaman w/ scroll

Night goblin bsb w/ banner of +1 LD
3X night goblin big bosses w/ great weapon

40 savage orc big uns w/ extra choppa, banner
100 night goblins w/ banner, nets, spears
21 night goblins archers w/ banner

18 trolls
40 black orcs w/ banner, flaming banner
Wolf chariot
Wolf chariot

His list(ish):

Greyseer w/ power stone

Engineer w/ doo rocket, condenser
4X naked engineers

100 clan rats w/ spears, FC
50 slaves
50 slaves
20 clan rats

Warp lighting cannon

Basically in this mission you get to deploy up to 18 inches up and on your 4th turn you roll a dice for every unit starting from the left. On a 1 they are a traitor and the opponent controls them (charactes and all). If no units got a 1 you get to pick.

At the end everything depends on 5 objectives:
-kill the traitor unit
-don't let the traitor unit score and VPs
-End the game with a unit in the opponents left deplyment zone
-End the game with a unit in the opponents right deplyment zone
-Kill all non-general enemy characters. If there is only the general then kill him instead.

So please give it a watch and let me know your thoughts on the mission, the game, and anything else you want