So this was a battle of my daemons vs my cousins wood elves.

I had

Daemon Prince
Lvl 1 fire, Unnatural Swiftness

Herald of Slaanesh
Lvl 1, Steed

Herald of Khorne
Armour of Khorne, BSB, Banner of Unholy Victory

27 Bloodletters
Full Command

10 Horrors

5 Furies

5 Seekers

3 Flamers

She had

Lvl 4 w/ Lore of Athel Loren, +1 dispel dice stone thingy, Hagbane arrows, Glamourweave kindred and item

Alter Noble w/ BSB, Bow of Loren

Wardancer noble w/ some bow or something?

15 Glade Gaurd w/ Standard of Springtide

12 Dryads w/ Branchwraith

7 Glade Riders w/ Standard

9 Way Watchers

Deployment for my left to right

Alter Noble, Glade Riders, Wardancer Noble, Dryads, Lvl 4, Glade gaurd

Furies, Daemon Prince, Horrors, Bloodletters, Flamers, Seekers

Way Watchers

We were only playing on a 6x3 table to that accounted for our games outcome in many ways.

My prince took fireball, hos took aquiesense, horros flickering fire

her weaver took treesinging, call of the hunt, fury of the forest, ariels blessing

I got the first turn. The Scenario was blood and glory.

Early Game

I move my seekers and herald right up behind her glade gaurd on the first turn, hoping to make them react to them while i took out the dryads with my letters. Everything else surged up, save for the flamers who jumped into a tower to hopefully wether those way watcher shots.

I managed to drop a aquiesence on the glade gaurd but she dispelled it and my daemonprince got a IF fireball on the glade riders killing two and putting a a wound on my prince. My flamers killed 2 dryads.

She turned around with the glade gaurd as suspected. She moved her glade riders and wardancer noble out of the charge arc of the daemon prince. The alter noble ran away from the furies.

In the magic phase she used two dice to treesing a woods in between the bloodletters and the dryads and killed 3 letters with a fury of the forest. I saved my 6 dice for the ariels blessing I knew was coming on the dryads. She got it off and I threw 6 dice at it, dispelling it.

The glade riders failed to put any wounds on the daemon prince. The way watchers dropped a flamer in the tower. The worst thing though was the glade guard killed all of the seekers and left only the herald of slaanesh!!

Mid Game

I charge the dryads with my bloodletters and also declare a charge with my herald. The herald drops under a cushion of arrows and dies horribly. My bloodletters make the charge against the dryad and lose steadfast thanks to the forest, but I'm not worried. Other than that my daemon prince faces the two nobles and riders on the flank and the horrors turn to face them.

In the magic phase I think I try and cast a fireball lvl 2 on the riders but its dispelled. A flickering fire from the horrors takes out another glade rider. The flamers shoot at her spellweaver and do a wound on her.

In combat I predictable slaughter the dryads to a man, taking 4 or 5 casualties back. I reform to face the glade gaurd.

She knows she only has a few chances left to win. She does a very risky (and imo she shouldnt have done this) charge with her glade riders against my prince and moves the spell weaver out of flamer range.

She manages to get off ariels blessing on the glade gaurd and kills 1 or 2 bloodletters with fury of the forest.

Shooting kills another flamer, a few bloodletters and the noble drops 2 of the horrors.

In combat I butcher the riders before they even get a chance to strike!

End of Game

I charge the daemon prince into her bsb. Stand and shoot fails to wound. The bloodletters charge the glade guard. Stand and shoot from them takes away thier last rank. Theyre down to about 10 including the bsb.

In the magic phase I get an IF flickering fire on her wardancer noble who drops in a blob of mutated goo. Shooting kills a way watcher.

In combat predictable I munch the bsb before he can even strike. The the bloodletter/glade gaurd combat I killed about 4 or 5 thanks to regen and she killed about 2 back. I won the combat by about 9, she broke and fled and the bloodletters ran them down, netting me the game.'

Victory to the daemons!!

Post game thoughts- That game was actually a lot closer than it looked, it just really boiled down to the fact that I dispelled ariels blessing on the dryads. They definatly would have held up a bit longer there giving her more time to shoot at the letters and run away!! I also think her glade rider charge was a mistake, she should have been moving away from him and shooting him up with bowfire. The wardancer noble was sort of a waste of points, I don't think he'll be seen again without some dancer buddies to back him up.

People think that she was dumb to take athel loren against me. Well her reasoning was actually fairly solid. She doesn't get to play much and doesnt know the BRB lores very well. It was her first time playing against daemons and she didn't want to deal with more unknowns then she had too. She is familiar with the lore of Athel Loren and its not ALL bad, areils blessing and call of the hunt are still very good spells.

Well thanks for reading!

w3rm out!