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    2500 Wood Elf Semi-avoidance

    So, I have been reading up on about the options available to Wood Elves in this new edition, and it seems to me that the best way to play them is by using a semi-avoidance tactic, where basically, you focus on one unit at a time while trying to avoid combats that will end your units. So, for this to work, you really need a quick army with the ability to threaten most unit types while being quick enough to jump away from units that you can't stop (chosen deathstar, big TG unit with Slann, etc, etc). So, here is my attempt at a "gasp" competitve wood elf list.

    Spellweaver lvl 4 with wand of wytch elm and Fimbulwinter shard (life)- This is basically the ubiquitous defense mage with a great lore for buffing/healing. The Shard is there mostly because I enjoy painting frost, so it'll be cool to paint a frosty mage that'll really stand out in the army.

    Highborn with Alter Kindred, Spirit Sword, Enchanted Shield, light Armor, and Amber Pendant (3+ ward against nonmagic things)- He is designed to kill big monsters (Stegadons, Sphinxes, Hellpits, etc, etc). He sits back within 3" of a unit for the LoS roll, until a threat emerges, at which point he zooms over and smacks it down. Ld 10 should help mitigate any backlash, and even if he does die, he's only 275 points, and will probably kill much more than that. Also, he moves fast enough to get where he is needed.

    Spellsinger lvl 2 with Moonstone of the Hidden Ways, Glamourweave kindred, Elven Steed- Hopes to roll up the 6 spell for the 2d6 move. Her job is to escort her unit of treekin to a very threataneing position. They can deploy on a flank as bait, then, when my opponent places units across from her to counter the treekin, she can teleport them across the table and thus refuse that flank beautifully. This is a sneaky tactic that will hopefully catch opponents off guard, and if she gets the 6 spell, the carnage can be ridiculous. Basically, I hope for a wood in each players deployment zone, then, as soon as danger nears, I can move her unit into the woods in my zone, teleport them into my opponents woods, facing a unit, and then throw 6 dice at call of the hunt to charge them. If she dies in the process of doing that, I really don't care, as she will have served her purpose.

    10 Glade Guard with Banner

    10 Glade Guard with Banner and musician

    10 Glade Guard with Banner and musician

    10 Glade Guard with musician

    10 Glade Guard with musician
    - These guys are nice cheap drops that have banners for fortitude, and musicians for swift reforming, moving 5", and shooting with no penalties. They are excellent for laying down a screen of continuous fire, fast enough to avoid combat for much of the game, and cheap enough so that losing a unit or two isnt crushing

    4 Treekin
    - The lvl 2 goes here for teleportation and all that entails

    6 Treekin
    - Smash things and are durable enough to weather the return attacks, especially with Flesh to stone on them.

    Great Eagle

    Great Eagle
    - Cheap as chips, redirect, fast, these fellas are delightful

    - He just stomps around, holds up units, and is amazing.

    So, how do you think this list would fare in your area, and how can it be improved?
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