First try what you think?

From what I have heard from people playing it normal units seem less important with mages being key (makes sense)

Slann, rumination, mystery, cogitation, soul of stone, cupped hands
Bane head, discipline banner, bsb, mr3
Puzzlebox 825pts wtf!?

Skink priest, cloak of feathers, dispel scroll
Skink priest, cube of darkness

Dark emissary lv3

24 temple Guard
Full command, flaming banner

24 Saurus warriors
Full command

10 Chamo skinks
10 Chamo skinks
10 Chamo skinks

3 Salamanders
3 Salamanders


The way I see it the slann needs to stay alive for my army to work (though perhaps not) and he does cost an arm and 37 legs in price.

Also worth noting is that a slann with templeguard cannot actually take a fullcrum since the templeguard won't let him leave the unit so templeguard might not actually be worth having.

A slann with the puzzlebox is going to be really hard to shift as most of the time he will have +d3 stats (so T5-7 with 3+ ward save) and he is stubborn with the bsb so I might want to drop the guard and take normal saurus instead.

The way I see it with the lore of shadow I won't have to be doing much attacking as I can just move the fulcrums to my deployment zone so basically what I want is a defensive army.

I was thinking life on the slann, shadow on the emissary and 2 heavens mages should do the trick with magic.

Slann keeps everyone alive and kills enemy mages with dual and dwellers, shadow lore brings enemy fulcrums to within blowpipe and flamer range and kills enemy monsters with pitt of shadows. Heavens gives me rerolls and push to keep the enemy from reaching me.

Thoughts? the 800pts slann is questionable of course but it does rarely die in normal games, no idea how it will work this time round.