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    Tournament Armies

    Coming up soon (ie. when I get round to arranging it) will be my gaming group's first ever tournament, we've all been meeting up and playing warhammer now for over 10 years, so a mini tournament seemed like a good idea to me. The basic rules are

    2000 point armies
    No special characters
    No dogs of war
    all games to last 6 turns maximum

    thing is, I'm stuck on what army to use, I can make good armies using dark elves, chaos and ogres, but I really can't decide on which to use, I know the ogres are weak, but they're my new toys and I want to use them! my dark elves tend to do very well in 2000 point games. My slaanesh chaos army is rock solid too!

    I also have a smallish beasts of chaos army, but I dont really stand a chance using that!

    the armies I'm playing against will be:

    High Elves
    Tomb Kings
    Vampire Counts
    Lizardmen/Chaos (the guy hasnt made up his mind yet)

    obviously I cant tailor my army against a specific person, so what do people think of these general army outlines?

    Dark Elves:

    Large-ish (12 or so) cold one knights with battle standard hyrdra banner
    24 crossbowmen with sheilds and command (shooty, but then reform and fight)
    2x 10-12 dark riders, one led by a tough combat oriented hero for flank/rear charges
    4 bolt throwers for flank shots/channeling knight units and general 'softening up' of tougher enemy formations


    Slaanesh Daemon prince, level 4 sorcerer for extreme combat and magical power
    8 chosen knights led by an exalted champion with rapturous standard to take on the toughest units
    16-20 chosen warriors to support the knights
    chariot of slaanesh for flank and rear support charges
    6-8 Mounted daemonettes led by another exalted champ on a steed of slaanesh to get round the flank and sides
    a spawn or two for general charge blocking


    Tyrant for sheer power
    6-8 ironguts to smash up tough enemies
    2x 4-6 bulls for flank and support charges
    3 maneaters for charge blocking and potential flank charges
    3 leadbelchers for fire support
    2x30 gnoblars
    Hunter for wizard hunting and knight deterring

    just curious as to what you reckon? I'll be playtesting variants on the lists over the weekend

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