Hi all,

I have thought about doing a wood elf list ever since I caught sight of those beautiful lord models. So here it is, it's all elf (apart from the odd eagle) and is for a tournement. TBH I'm not looking to make the all powerful list, I just want one I can have fun with that tactically challenging. so here we go!


Noble - 104pts
Waywatcher kindred, additional hand weapon (haven't had a real look at items, suggestions welcome)

Spellsinger - 140pts
2 dispell scolls (I know, bad scroll caddy but if anyone can suggest better use of her)

Noble - 151pts
Great eagle, spear, light armour, shield, helm of the hunt


12x Glade guard - 144pts

11x glade guard - 132pts

6x scouts - 102pts

6x scouts - 102pts


8x wardancers - 151pts

4x warhawk riders - 160pts

3x warhawk riders - 120pts


8x waywatchers - 192pts

The waywatcher noble goes with the waywatchers who will look for the most expensive unit/ warmachine/lone mage. The eagles will fly about causing havoc while hit and running and taking out mages and warmachines. The scouts also cause havoc getting in close and block marching and firing away while the blocks of glade guard fire. The wardancers will manouver to get into combat, preferablle double teaming people with riders.

So tell me what you think. should I scrap it now or do you think I have something to build upon?

Peace out