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    2000 Point Brettonian

    A friend of mine asked me to put up his new Bret List, He is new to fantasy so take it easy.

    Bretonnian Lord with Grail vow, Bretonnian warhorse, virtue of Audacity, Sword of Heros and the grail shield.

    Paladin with virtue of Heroism, Valourous standard, Barbed bretonnian warhorse

    Damsel of the Lady with Bretonnian warhorse and holy Icon.

    Knights of the realm X15
    Knights of the realm X15
    Knights of the realm X15
    Men-at-arms X20 with standard.
    Men-at-arms X20 with standard.
    Bow men X19

    He cant decide whether to get rid of 3 knights (1 from each unit) and get a unit of 3 grail knights.

    He would appreciate any C&C thank you.

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