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Thread: Power Scroll Change in WD.

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    Power Scroll Change in WD.

    I was looking for this in the forum but don't see anything. The latest edition of WD ..#379, completely changes the Power Scroll, yet it has not been published in a FAQ in the U.S. at least. Has it been published in the U.K.? I'm assuming this is an official change, regardless of whether it has been published in a FAQ or not, and is to be used immediately.
    Thoughts on this? I'm happy they changed it but with this precedent (at least lately) are we going to have to buy White Dwarf to get rules? They did publish the new rules for the VC units in there also. I know it used to be quite common, but I haven't seen it much lately.

    Sorry, just saw a thread in News and Rumors..didn't think to look there for a Rules post..bad of me. Feel welcome to close this thread if inclined, but it is a rules change..
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