I'm writing a list to take to a tournament, and basically the idea is to keep it as tough as possible, while still being fun to play with (and against). Obviously, my sportmanship is key to the 'playing against' part, but I still would like to make a list that feels very dark-elvish.

The idea is to have a few blocks of solid troops, and some shooting, and some shock troops in the form of monsters & cavalry. It's a pretty simple list, and I think it's probably been done before, but I thought I'd post it and see what people thought.

Anyway, any thoughts/comments/critiques are welcomed at this point. Advice on how you see this playing, or general weak points would also be welcomed.

Dreadlord - 305
Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Pendant of Khaeleth, Crown of Command, Sword of Might, Dragonhelm, Dark Pegasus Mount
The basic unkillable lord. His job is to find that high strength deadly unit, and hold them up for a good portion of the game.

Supreme Sorceress - 285
Level 4, Sacrificial Dagger
I'm a bit nervous that she doesn't have a ward save, but if I keep her in a block of spearmen or crossbowmen, she should be find for a bit. Right?

Death Hag - 225
Battle Standard Bearer, Cauldron of Blood
This is key to any dark elf list I think in 8th edition.

(25) Dark Elf Spearmen - 190
Full Command, Shields

(25) Dark Elf Spearmen - 190
Full Command, Shields
I am not sure if (2) units of 25 elves are enough to stick it out for a while, and I've thought about bumping them up to 30 or maybe even 1 block of 35 and get more crossbowmen, but for now this is the plan. Opinions?

(10) Dark Elf Crossbowmen - 110
(10) Dark Elf Crossbowmen - 110

(10) Dark Elf Crossbowmen - 110
I don't know if the shields are necessary, but if I run them in blocks of 20 they are for the ward save. However, in blocks of 10, acting as a small bunker for the sorceress, are they really necessary? Would 2 blocks of 20 each, and 1 block of 35 spearmen be better in core than what I have listed?

(5) Dark Riders - 110
Repeater Crossbows
The idea with these guys is to hunt war machines and generally cause a bit of havoc behind enemy lines along with the shades. Are two units of 5 harpies better?

(10) Cold One Knights - 310
Full Command, Banner of Hag Grief
A hard hitting unit, that will probably run with/near the hydras. They also can work with the DR as necessary.

(6) Shades - 102
Additional Hand Weapons
The basic war machine hunters. I'm not sure if 6 is enough, but they hit so hard and are so accurate that I think they are almost mandatory.

War Hydra - 175

War Hydra - 175
Yeah...2 of em.