My confusion is in 2 parts, Firstly:

Can Skaven use their Strength in Numbers v.s the Howl???
In the FaQ it says they can, but, once I take a look at theSkaven FaQ, this answer makes no sense...

In the Skaven FaQ it states that Strength in numbers:
"Units with the strength in numbers rule add their current rank bonus to their leadership vaule for any LEADERSHIP TEST".

In the VC FaQ, just below the above mentioned question states that the Howl is NOT a Ld test- so why would they get their Strength in Numbers bonus v.s the howl attack?

Second part to my confusion:

If the rules printed in WD (concerning the Banshee's Howl) override/update those printed in the VC Army book- does this mean that when using the Banshee's howl attack against a target, you use the unit's OWN Ld, ignoring modifiers form general, strength in numbers, characters in the unit etc. As no mention of taking into account possible Ld modifiers are made in the new Ghostly Howl rules...

It all makes my head hurt >.<

So- does anyone know the official ruling on this???