Hi all
I'm interested in two things here, one, the miniatures you use for your characters and two the story behind some of them. I've had some crazy characters over the years of playing quest so please give us a quick shoofty and a run down of some of your most illustrious (or awful) characters.

Thats Atilla 'The killer' Belok, a bit of a scoundrel by all accounts. He's been given a more fighty exteria due to the fact in his first few dungeons he killed more with his blade than he did his magic! His exploits include killing the vile rodent Glittersnitch who was poisening the gold supply of the Empire. Upon finding out that the local mayor would not pay up, he and his dwarven companion, kidnapped the mayors daughter and sold her to slavers... He is currently hunting down an old school friend for the bounty...

This is Wolfgang Eisenstien (sorry for the poor picture). He is a noble, writer for the esteemed news journal the 'Monthly Comet'(our newsletter), a politician and a sneak who is looking to usurp an elector count position by reinstating Solland as a province. He is a bit of a rotter too, but is new to this adventuring lark and, apart from buying the contract of a pit fighter, has done little so far (though his articles certainly do not give this impression)