I am trying out a full plate list because I have gotten tired of my marauders getting eaten by stonethrowers. I play mono-tzeentch themed lists and was wondering if people think this is a decent list for playing against my buddies night goblins (plus some warmachines).

Sorc Lord, LV4, MoT, Disc, talisman of pres, power familiar, charmed shield, roar

exalted, BSB, MoT, Collar of Khorne, Sword of Might, Iron Curse Icon, steed, shield, = 216

exalted, MoT, Book of Secrets, spell familiar, biting blade, conjoined homonculus, steed, shield = 211

24 warriors, MoT, shields, musician, standard w/ blasted = 462

18 warriors, MoT, shields, halberds, musician, standard = 324

4 x 5 warhounds = 120

8 knights, MoT, musician, standard w/ rage banner = 405 (both exalteds in here)

warshrine MoT = 150

Hellcannon = 205

total = 2497

I am looking for quick changes and tactical advice. I don't have a whole lot of other models that I use other than some marauder horseman with spears.