Hi everyone. I'm relatively new to WHFB but have spent a bit of time reading up on different army lists.
My main opponents are going to be WoC and O/G to begin with.

Dragon Slayer 50pts

Runesmith 127pts
-MRo Balance
-Ro Stone

Thane 140pts
-MRo Gromril
-Ro Preservation
-Ro Striking

2x Warriors 250pts
-25 units
-Standard Bearer

Cannon 140pts
-Ro Forging

Grudge Thrower 170pts
-Ro Accuracy
-Ro Penetrating x2

Hammerers 252pts
-18 units
-Standard Bearer

Organ Gun -120pts

I didn't take Ro Fire because I know probably wont be versing any trolls. If they end up tweaking their lists to have some then I was thinking of dropping the Ro Striking from the BSB and sticking Ro Fire on both the cannon and GT.

Any tips or modifications would be greatly appreciated.