Is it just me, or does it seem not that well represented in the background? Think about it. Westerland/Marienburg features in a bunch of books (Murder and Massacre in Marienburg, Warblade, Blades of Chaos etc). Reikland and Wissenland have the cities Altdorf and Nuln respectively so plenty going on there. Averland and Stirland, the lush lands of the South, have their goings on with proximity to Sylvannia or events in Sword of Justice/Vengeance. The other provinces (Talabecland, Hochland, Middenland, Ostwald and Ostermark) I see as the battle provinces and are usually featured in anything relating to incursions of Chaos. Even Solland/Sudenland has some legs to stand on with the whole Runefang incident. In my opinion only the Moot is as under represented as Nordland. Am I missing something vital here? For all intents and purposes, Nordland looks like a great little state, breeding some tough soldiers being on the North coast and all.

What do you all think?