I recently got myself a Realm of Battle board and began work on it last weekend. This log will cover my progress with the board and then I'll go on to build a few more pieces, some for 40k with an Orky theme and some for specific encounters that appear in my Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay project.

Inspiration for the board comes from two places. The first is the area where i live, more specifically the terrain on the hill that overlooks my house:

I actually took my super snazzy all weather and shock proof camera out with me a couple of weekends ago, specifically to take photos of the rocks up there so I could show you guys how amazing it is. Sadly, the camera proved to be not quite so shock proof as the advertising campaign featuring lithe rockclimbers leaping from boulder to boulder would have me believe. I had no idea you could get so many cracks in such a tiny lens. So, no recent pictures I'm afraid (the one above was taken November 09). Here is a photo I took on my phone (poor........ poor) of a photo collage of the aforementioned rocks:

I shall be sticking quite close to the colours on there. I actually used those to paint the bases for my DeffKoptas.

The second big influence is this superb Realm of Battle board. I'm sure you will have seen it already but if not, prepare to be wowed.

I have learnt a great deal reading the stage by stage.

Time now for some WiP

(please excuse substandard mobile phone photos: my camera is being fixed)

One tile with different grades of sand and cork:

I used Araldite to stick the larger stones and cork down. The sand was stuck down using 50/50 water/PVA. I scattered the sand using a sieve

This is how the six tiles look now:

More to follow..........