Vampire Lord
-Level 3
-Red Fury
-Infinite Hatred
-Ogre Blade
-Cadaverous Cuirass
-Talisman Of Preservation

Wight King BSB
-Razor Standard
Wight King
-Great Weapon
-Flayed Hauberk
-Dispel Scroll

37 Ghouls
40 Ghouls
30 Zombies
-Standard and Musician
Corpse Cart

10 Black Knights
-Full Command
-Banner Of The Barrows

4 Cairn Wraiths

Vampire and both Wight Kings will join the 37 strong Ghoul unit, which will be my "deathstar". The second Wight with GW will take challenges and try to buy time for my Vampire to cut through rank and file. Necromancer will skulk around on his own, looking for a chance to VDM some unit if needed and at least use that Dispel Scroll before he gets an arrow between the eyes. I believe my Vampire has pretty good assistants.

Black Knights and Varghulf will be my fast flanking force. The cavalry will operate outside of generals marching bubble, but Varghulf will try to stay within 6" so they can march.

It's a simple list. Wraiths try to tie down Steam Tanks and Hydras, Corpse Cart tries to be an annoyance, Zombies speed bump and so on.