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    2000 Orcs n' Goblins

    Transitioning from 40k orks to fantasy. This is my first list. I've only purchased 1 box of Savages so really, anything from the list is an option, I just need solid choices to start purchasing the rest of my army.

    I'll mostly be facing Chaos (mostly warriors/chosen/couple shrines), but also Empire, and High Elves. However I'd like the list to be a made up of units I can use as an all-comers list for future since I'm just starting out.

    Savage Orc Great Shaman -255-
    Lvl 4, Shrunken Head

    Savage Orc Big Boss -154-
    BSB, Armor of Silvered Steel, Luckstone, Great weapon

    Savage Orcs - Big Uns (40) -475-
    Boss, Musician, Standard, Extra Hand Weapons

    Savage Orcs (40) -395-
    Boss, Musician, Standard, Extra Hand Weapon

    Night Goblins w/spears (60) -320-
    Fanatics (3), Nets, Musician, Standard Bearer,

    Savage Orc Boar Boys (9) -233-
    Musician, Standard of Discipline, Spears, Shields

    Doom Divers (2) -160-

    TOTAL: 1992

    Comments, criticism, corrections are all welcome.
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