(01). If you take a Stand and Shoot reaction, do all modifiers apply? or just the Stand & Shoot -1? ie if I have Cav in a Forest at 12.5" away, does someone with BS 3 need a 5, or a 7?

(02). If firing a cannon at 2 Rank & file and a Lord, can you target the lord? or is it like the bolt thrower, where you randomize with the Rank models, so in this case a 1 out of 3?

(03). If a Warshrine of Chaos dies, does it's bonus from the Eye of the Gods end then as well?

(04). If a Steam Tank has a range of 18" with the cannon, does that mean the initial mark has to be within 18" or the end point?

(05). If the Skaven throw the Dreaded 13th, and get 12 wounds in a unit with 11 Rank and File, with 1 Lord in the unit, do they all turn into Clan Rats? or do you need the extra 2 wounds for the lord as well?

Thank You in advance for polite responses.