Thank you all very much. With so much attention being focused on campaigning in the White Dwarfs and supplements, I'd hope that there would be a greater interest in maintaining trade routes and such as a result.

Here's my suggestion to avoid "over-expansion" of a new naval game:

I'd like to see the different races get their own fleets once again. Sea powers like Empire, Dwarfs, and High and Dark Elves should have many ship options and unique abilities, but Skaven, orcs, and undead, for instance, may only have one or two ships unique to their race. So, if a player wants an all - orc fleet, he can possibly take the unique "goblin fire ship," but any other type of ship in the fleet would have to come from the few ships from the generic ship list, similar to the common magic items list in Warhammer. So, the orc player could say that his boyz stole these basic ships from the Empire and made them "orcy" (ring a bell?). As a result of these generic ships of various sizes being crewed by orcs and goblins, the rule book would state the stat differences: sailing and navigation would suffer, boarding may improve, etc.
This way, GW wouldn't have to overproduce too many varients of ships that may not sell; thus, there's less risk to GW.
GW could make "plastics" (easier to convert too) for the generic/common ships list, and an undead player would be able to have his "ghost ship" as well as his plundered or "raised" common ships.

The main rule book could include all of this info as well as each army list. So, each army would have its own list of what would be allowed from the common ships. While the Empire/DoW would have possibly every common ship at its disposal, the Skaven might not be able to crew some of the largest ships for instance.

Does this sound plausible, yet safe for GW? Yeah, I'm still nuts.