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Thread: In Midnight Clad - A Night Lord's Log

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    Re: In Midnight Clad - A Night Lord's Log

    So I ordered the body for Tyberos off of eBay and was pleased with how easy it was to remove the single aquila. What to do with the shoulder pads though? I want something different and intimidating and semi-heresy-era, but many of the Cataphracti-esque ones I've seen (maxmini etc) seem TOO big in general.

    Some quick photoshop from Forge World's size comparison chart (which I believe is all on the same plane and angle) lead me to this image:

    They SEEM big enough and while I'm not a big fan of the pose that resulted, it was enough promise for me to order some bitz from eBay to try out. They seem a tad lacking in protection, but also nicely "pre-Heresy-ish" without being gigantic. I'll probably recast Tyberos' helmet a few times for them too.

    Thoughts? Or does anyone have any other suggestions?
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