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Thread: In Midnight Clad - A Night Lord's Log

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    Re: In Midnight Clad - A Night Lord's Log

    Wowee wow. Subbing to this straight away. Looking good so far and I certainly wanna see more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Inquisitor Engel View Post
    Or does anyone have any other suggestions?
    With particular focus on Terminators, are you going the full ADB Atrementar on it? If so you might want to look at this as a suggestion for the shoulder decoration, assuming you don't go for the bottom right example here.

    And, forgive me for asking, but are we likely to see any of 10th Co? Or Sevatar perhaps? Maybe "The Prophet of the Eighth Legion"?
    I'm asking for all the usual geeky it-wood-bee-awsum reasons, of course, no pressure.

    Edit. Additional link for the first link on a different site that doesn't blockmost of the image with an out of stock message here----> Linky.
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