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I love them! Great work, looking forward to seeing them with their jump packs!

Stay safe!
It's just you and me here man...

But yeah, the Night Raptors / Warp Talons are DONE! If not for Citadel Contrast, these probably would still be unpainted. Being able to do Wraithbone > 50/50 Guilliman Flesh/Contrast Medium layer > Reikland Fleshshade > Highlight with Flayed One Flesh > liberal Blood for the Blood God I think I'd have gone made and given up.

Blue is the normal (VMA Imperial Blue > Zenithal VMA Magic Blue > Drakenhoff Nightshade) and so is the metal. Not much experimentation otherwise.

I'm trying out the black background on these guys. I think it looks pretty darn good! Really digging the look and vibe it gives. Nice colour balance. I might stick with this for the duration.

It took a while to get the claws working with the bodies. I'm pretty pleased with the guy on the left, swooping in. Popped a Nostraman rune on his head and really happy with it. The guy in the middle has a legion of damned helmet which I thought looked appropriately creepy, floating slowly forward. The sergeant is a good looking generic pose.

Left hang guy was a bit of a stretch post with what I had available, but it works okay. Guy on the right got a nice ominous pose as an Imperial Fist head at his feet. As a unit they're nice and cohesive.