First Praetor is done!

Interestingly, my earliest Night Lords are bereft of any flayed skin and blood, being more "savage parade ground" than bloodthirsty and mid-campaign, but as these minis have been release and as I've kept going, a little bit of the macabre here and there is a nice flourish...

I actually swapped the massive chain axe that he comes with with the chainglaive from the power-armoured Praetor, as I want the PA Praetor to serve as a Master of Executions for 40K. It was a pretty simple swap and I'm overall really happy with how he turned out.

Minimal lightning on the upper body due to the amount of detail. The skull necklace got an extra bit of bone added to make a full circuit due to some random resin warpage, but you can't tell.

Had a fun time with the cables for the volkite, based on the power supply for my computer.

It is not a candy cane, I swear.

Getting his helmet in place and high enough after assembling the upper body first was... a challenge. Pro-tip for this model — Paint the helmet, paint the parts of the torso, insert helmet, and glue the torso together. Love the way the eye worked out though.

Next up is the power-armoured Praetor (no jump pack, since the MoE doesn't have one) and Decimus.