Thanks all!

Work continues, though the end is in sight! Then again, I also said that about my Imperial Fists in 2010...

Just an VIII Legion Heavy Support Squad. Mishmashed parts from elsewhere in the bitz box to fill it out. Pleased with the results.

Theoretically, I can use them as "counts-as" in my 40K list, since up until recently there was no such things as a Volkite, but they're different enough to everything else that I think I'm okay.

I really liked doing this pose. Doing black shoulder pads for this unit also let me use the red decals a little more easily. This is "Coffin Rune + Two Red Hands" squad. I like how they ended up.

The sergeant got some slightly different heraldry, but I like how it ended up.

Did not enjoy bending the ammo feeds to fit. Will not be doing THAT again!