Well after a hard few weeks, including one with... not a lot of power... and much snow, I've completed a Leviaithan Dreadnaught for my Night Lords. The Mad Lord, Captain Kadar.

Captain Verikas Kadar, born of Nostramo, was a massive individual fond of decisive but crushing actions and often known for saying "Intimidation merely fear through known and visible strength of arms." Critically wounded during the opening action of the Carinae Retribution. Personally chosen by Kurze to be placed into the first Leviathan Dreadnaught made available to the legion so that he could continue the pacification of the world, Mechanicum adepts, techmarines, and the VIII Legion Apothecarion failed to have Kadar's new form brought online prior to the end of the Carinae action, for which all members of the Night Lords were censured and given the red gauntlets. The Mechanicum adepts were not so lucky for their laxity.

Kadar refused to sleep in his sarcophagus, and insisted on full battle readiness at all times, and was often forced into hibernation by the techmarines of the VIII between battles. By the time of the Drop Site Massacre, Kadar's sanity has slipped beyond recovery, and were it not for the timely intervention and rapid redeployment into XIX Legion formations by a Thunderhawk transporter crew, his visions of being overwhelmed by orks threatened to overwhelm him and he his siege claw claimed the lives of at least half a dozen Night Lords in the chaos.

Throughout the Heresy, Kadar's form was only deployed via drop pod or other rapid insertion methods into enemy strongholes and rear formations, far from other Night Lord lines. This not only kept his preferred brutal, blunt-force execution of all he could see away from his brothers, but served to create fear through enemy lines, though reliance upon "The Mad Lord" to fulfil any specific tactical goal was not a recommend part of any Night Lords battle plan.

Last confirmed seen during the Thramas Crusade by I Legion forces, it is unknown if Kadar was recovered by VIII legion forces during the route, or left behind once its reactor died, leaving the Mad Lord to die screaming, slowing in the void. By M41, reports of a Dreadnaught bearing the same Nostraman runes and weaponry the Mad Lord was known for have surfaced, but whether its occupant is the same captain is unknown.


I really enjoyed painting this one, but man is he big. Originally I was going to go with two Grav-Flux Bombards, but I decided they were sort of pain to paint and decided on giving him a siege claw instead, which looks good. Sub-Assemblies are the way to go for this guy, and I was pleased with the detail that was available. I did the legs first (including a rather cool base!) and tackled the rest doing the body, then the arms.

As with the Sicaran, I'm pleased I was able to keep a similar tone of blue on such a large model.