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Thread: In Midnight Clad - A Night Lord's Log

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    In Midnight Clad - A Night Lord's Log

    So it has come to this.

    After nearly fifteen years in the hobby, loyal to the Emperor (with a side stop on a Craftworld and in the Tau Empire) I have come to earnestly begin my way down the path of corruption and bloodshed.

    I have come to begin a Chaos army.


    I actually started, and collected, a very Chaotic Night Lords warband in 2004, complete with Forge World Land Raider and all sorts of things, but never got around to painting it. I could never get the hang of the midnight blue and the brass.

    Now I've come to challenge myself again. Thanks to Aaron Demski-Bowden's works I've batted around the idea of a Heresy-era army would work best. With the right conversions and 'counts-as' choices, they can be used as Heresy-era, Pre-Heresy or modern Night Lords.

    I assembled a single model to test my planned paint scheme.

    And began sculpting a chest-piece of a winged skull. Once this is done, I'll hopefully have the resources to either resin-cast it, or have it cast for me (current apartment space doesn't really allow for it) and have them distributed across my army.

    Very, very WIP. It's been a long time since I sculpted anything...

    So there you have it. The beginnings of the Night Lords Fifth Company. This will be an interesting ride, no doubt.
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