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    New Winter Assault info from Relicnews

    With no computer games forum, i figured i'd post this here.

    Relicnews have some new info gleaned from a German gaming mag, is it genuine? I hope so .

    Units in squads look varied now, have slightly different height, faces and so on

    There's a new feature called 'Kill-Cam' which shows a close-up of those spectacular finishing moves

    Commissar is included, and boosts the morale by executing soldiers. He'll be the secondary hero.

    Sanctioned Psycher is in

    Techpriest Engineer is in. He repairs vehicles, and one of the screenies shows him carrying an axe for close combat

    The Sentinel is in, the IG's walker unit

    The Baneblade will have awesome firepower, but a rather weak armor

    The Chimera troop transporter allows units to fire from the inside

    The main hero will be the Imperial Captain, which is just a bit weaker than the Force Commander. Games Workshop will bring the unit to the tabletop soon.

    The 4 older races will get new units, but the article doesn't mention which

    There will be a 'good' campaign which will let you play the Space Marines, Eldar and the Imperial Guard, and an 'evil' campaign which will allow you to play with the Chaos Space Marines and Orks. Each of them will consist of about half a dozen missions.
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