Greetings all,

Some of you may have read a post buried somewhere in these forums by a friend of mine about how the Heresy would have ended up if the legions had fallen in reverse (i.e. all the loyal legions went traitor, led by the Ultras, and all the traitor legions stayed loyal). Nut that I am, I've been modeling up an Emperor's Children army based around this Alternate Heresy, and given the rules in this past White Dwarf I've decided to model up a squad of Alt-Heresy Deathwatch to accompany them.

That of course brings us to the title. Obviously, if the traitor legions stayed loyal, they eventually led to successor chapters. (Let's say for argument's sake that Alpharius' Codex Astartes recommended it after the Heresy.) Not wanting to be too obvious with the Deathwatch, I've decided to have a Thousand Sons Librarian-Captian leading it, with a couple Alpha Legion members, with the bulk of the other 7 members being from various successor chapters. I'm wondering, what are some probable names, colour schemes, insignia, etc of the various Legions' successors.

I've came up with a few names that seem to be descriptive of each Legion. "Storm Hammers" for Iron Warrions, "Scythes of Barbarus" for Death Guard successors, and "Seeds of Perfection" for Emperor's Children (obsessed with geneseed purity, of course), but I could use a few ideas for good names and colour schemes for other successor chapters.

Especially because knowing me, I'll be modeling up a crusade army any time now to make use of half of these ideas....