I actually already have a thread here for my Blood Bowl models, but I'm having so much fun with Dungeonbowl right now that I decided this game variant deserves its own thread.

So, I started making a set of cardboard dungeon tiles for use in dungeonbowl almost 10 years ago, but never got very far, and only painted about six dwarf models for a team. Time passed, and I recently dug these out again, and now I'm determined to finish the project - by that I mean building a reasonably sized dungeon, and at least two teams. My favourite two teams were always the Doom Forgers and the Grim Reapers, so those were my starting point.

My source of inspiration is the original game, primarily the back box illustration:

This is the state of the teams at the moment. Doom Forger shots:

Grim Reapers (slightly blurry):