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    'Ere be Giants.

    I have a whole bunch of Giants knocking around my hobby room.
    What with the Storm of Magic and all .....
    I thought I would try and get some painted.
    I thought I would start 'another' project log to motivate me.
    (It worked out so well with my 'Tale of four steam tanks' log. )

    Here is a Giant I have already painted. He is for my Night Goblin army.

    These are some of the others I have in mind to build and paint ...

    I have another one of these I thought I would paint up for the Empire:

    I have this guy I can use as a vampire Counts Giant:

    and amongst this unlikely looking pile of bits is one for my Tomb Kings: (This lot is now in "The Dip")

    Obviously I have one of these:

    Planning to build him for a pirate themed army.
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